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Fingerprint Door Lock Shepherd 220
Fingerprint Door Lock Shepherd 220

Fingerprint Door Lock

Modern Design
Easy to install and use

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Building on the market success and accented foundation of Shepherd 210, fingerprint lock Shepherd 220 is set to bring forth a what we call 'the door lock revolution'. Employing the state-of-the-art biometric technology, Shepherd 220 brings fingerprint locks to a new platform. Shepherd 220 works on both stand alone and networked modes. In addition, user can have the option of either using fingerprint or code for authentication. Shepherd 220 is easy to install and it is highly recommended for use in offices, homes, banks, villas, laboratories and hotels.

The extended model (Shepherd 220AT) comes with an audit trail software. Shepherd 220AT can store up to 3000 attendance records.


Ease of Installation
Shepherd 220 fits most standard wooden doors with installation holes for the mechanical door lock (cylindrical type). There are only a few screws required to install Shepherd 220 on a door with standard installation holes.

High security
The latch design assures the door locks up easily and securely with little force. As soon as the door is closed, latch will automatically lock and user does not need to worry about whether the door is closed or not when leaving. There is also an insert-poof lingua behind latch to prevent coercive opening of the door.
Different Level of Access Rights
The accessibility to the functions of the fingerprint lock is controlled by different level of access rights. This features adds more security to the fingerprint lock.

1:N Authentication
Shepherd 220 supports 1:N authentication which eliminates the need to use any identification number. The one-step authentication method makes it very user-friendly and convenient.

Numeric Tube Indication
There is a numeral tube embedded on the outside unit displaying the current operation status. This indication makes the operations of the fingerprint lock more convenient.

Low Battery Strength Alert
Shepherd 220 has a low battery alert feature. When the battery strength is low, alert sound will be heard. The enrolled fingerprints and hardware settings will remain intact when batteries are replaced.

High Capacity
Shepherd 220 supports up to 50 users.

Password Authentication Option
User can choose to use password authentication method if the fingerprint quality is poor and cannot be registered successfully.

'Do Not Disturb' Option
User can use the locking button to lock the door from inside the premises such that other users are not able to open the door from the front using either fingerprints or passwords.

'Always Open' Option
User can activate this option to put the lock into 'perpetual unlock' status. Turning this option on will allow the door to be opened freely.


User Capacity : 50 users

Match Mode : 1:N

Scanning time : <0.4s

Matching Time : <0.2 seconds per fingerprint

FAR : <1/100000  

FRR : <3/100  

Translation Tolerance : ±3mm  

Rotation Tolerance : <±15°  

Power Supply : 6 AA cells

Size (mm) Outside : 273×78×44.6

Size (mm) Inside : 273×78×35

Weight : 4.5 kg