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Fingerprint Access Control

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AC-520 comprises a fingerprint access control unit, a controller unit and a lockset. AC-500 is designed to work on both stand alone and networked modes with a maximum fingerprint storage capacity of 2000 or 1000 users (assuming each person has 2 fingerprints registered). In network operation mode, the system can be connected to a PC via RS-485 cable or TCP/IP to retrieve access information for audit purpose. This product is ideal for use in banks, offices, warehouses, residential apartments, schools and factories. The basic functions of AC-520 is the same as AC-500 except that AC-520 has grouping control mode. This mode when activated, opening the door will require several people in the same group to authenticate to gain entry successfully.


AC-520 supports both wired and wireless communication between the control unit and the terminal controller.

2-level Access Rights
There are two levels of access rights in the system, namely administrators and users. Administrators, as the name suggests, can configure the system settings, for example saving and deleting of user profile and fingerprints, configuring operational time and checking attendance. Users, as the name suggests, are confined to daily door accessing.

Multiple Door Control
AC-520 can control up to a maximum of 8 door locks in a single unit. Each of these door locks are managed independently. This feature makes the product highly economical.

Group Matching Feature
The matching speed and system security are enhanced with the group matching feature. In the event when the number of fingerprints in the unit exceeds 30, the group matching feature will be turned on automatically. The groups are identified by grouping number.

LCD Display
AC-520 has a built-in LCD display for easy and convenient system management.

Low Battery Alert
In the event when the battery strength runs low,a warning message will be shown to alert the administrators. All the fingerprints, passwords, attendance records and system setting remains intact after the batteries are replaced.

Password Access
AC-520 supports password access using 5-10 digits password. This feature is an alternative for users who have very poor fingerprint quality.

Time Zone Access
Administrators can defined specific time (by day and time range) for users accessing the premises. For example, users can be assigned access rights for Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. Users will be denied of access for other timings and days authorized. This feature is important to enhance the security level of the premises.

Security Level
There are 5 security levels available. The default security level is set at 3.


Fingerprint Access Control Unit

FP Scanning Mode

CMOS optical sensor


1000 users (2000 fingerprints)

Matching Mode

1:N 1:10 1:1

Scanning Time

<1 second

Recognition Time

<0.2 second per match





Translation Tolerance


Rotation Tolerance


Power Supply

9V constant-voltage power supply
6 AA alkaline cells

Dimension (mm)


Net Weight

8 lb

No. of Door Locks Supported

8 (max)

Distance of Wireless Operation

0.5 ~ 15 M (line of sight)

Controller Unit

Power Supply

AC220V/50Hz, 0.1A



Built-In Rechargeable Battery

6V~12V 1200mAH

Dimension (mm)


Net Weight

2 lb

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature

-15?C - 55?C