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BioStation Innovative Fingerprint Terminal with a color LCD and high quality sound

BioEntry Plus IP Base Fingerprint Access Control integrated with both fingerprint and proximity card

Biometric Fingerprint Access Control AC-300 + Time Attendance
uses state-of-the-art American U.are.U optical sensor.

Excellent reliability and matching speed.
Fingerprint Door Lock Shepherd 210
Shepherd 210
forget about your
keys, install the
Shepherd 210

Supports up to
50 users.

Our range of employee time attendance hardware
Proximity Card Reader AS-100 for Employee Time Attendance Management
Biometric Fingerprint Reader AS-200 for Employee Time Attendance Management
Biometric Fingerprint Reader AC-150 for employee time attendance and simple security access control

Biometric and Proximity Card Devices

- recommended for time & attendance management.